Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Asian Tiger Simulator

Get ready for the new era of wild Asian tiger simulator with jungle survival adventure game. Explore wide and hot Asian jungle as a wild tiger or cheetah in this wild tiger simulator. Build your clan and find mate and breed tiger cubs in this tiger simulator game. In online tiger games perform as a real wild tiger and survive in the wildness as long as you can with tiger survival simulator game. Take control of this Asian tiger and hunt down animals like rabbit, rhino, hens and escape from other jungle wild beast like rhino, lioness, lion, cheetah and other wild tiger. Show your fire magic attack of lightning bolt skills during fight with dragon in this Asian Tiger Simulator.  

<b>Find mate & Breed Cubs:</b>
Find a mate and raise your own tiger family in your hidden jungle hideout. Hunt and fight against fierce animals in this wild tiger sim 3d.

<b>Build clan of Wild Tigers:</b>
Build your great warrior clan of wild tigers! Hunt and attack together for survival in huge dark forest. Survive against enemies and their attack, ultimately defeat all wilder animals.

<b>Use your Magic Skills:</b>
Stop the fire attack of dragon or use your fire magic skills. Defeat dragon and other bosses to protect yourself and your mate and tiger cubs in this tiger games 3d new free top fighting animal.

<b>Realistic Tiger Simulator with RPG Gameplay:</b>
In tiger survival simulator game your ultimate wild tiger will fight for your life against fierce animals. Hunt, eat and drink to keep your hydration level up with super tiger simulation game.

<b>Multiple Attack powers:</b>
Power attacks including bite, claw and jump attack for instant kills with tiger games 3d and tiger fighting games.

<b>Multiple Weather Cycles:</b>
You multiple weather conditions like sunny, thunder storm and heavy rain. Hunt in different conditions in tiger family sim.

<b>Realistic Tiger Fighting & Battles:</b>
Start the battle of hunger and survival in the jungle with realistic tiger fighting skills. Fight with dangerous jungle predators and wild beasts in epic battle.

Control your ultimate wilder beast in latest tiger simulator and attack your prey to survive in jungle with this action packed tiger fighting games. Evolve your tiger to dominate the wild Asian jungle world for wild tiger survival and protection of tiger cubs in this tiger family simulator. Download now and explore huge jungle with Asian Tiger Simulator.

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