Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Ultimate Mouse Simulator

Explore big jungle and city! Survive in difficult situations as small rodent! Make your mini cave or hole in the forest for living in this Ultimate Mouse Simulator. Fight with cat, hen and small chicks for survival with this crazy cat vs mouse fights. Steal delicious food items form cottage or house but beware from pet dog or cat. This is a thrill fighting and mouse survival combination with Mouse games for cats. You need to climb the walls just like a squirrel. This is not about mouse simulator raise a family. This mouse survival simulation game is made for the lovers of who want to play mouse city life. So play this rat simulator, live rat life! Hunt and fight with cat and other animals as city mouse. Become a brave rodent in this Ultimate Mouse Simulator.

Build your own cave hole and survives in dangerous jungle and city in search of water and food. Take food items to your cave, steal cheese from dog area which will be the thrill task. Fight with monster mouse and save your territory with mouse games for cats. Mouse simulator online is here with the twist of 3d rat simulator. Collect food for survival in the forest like nuts, mushrooms and make cave with the help of  branches and hay. Steal cheese, bread and other food items home- beware from the mousetrap which could be the angry cat!

Features of Ultimate Mouse Simulator 3D:

- Build your mini cave, drink water, steal food & take it to the living hole in mouse sim.
- Epic fight missions against cat, hen, & monster rat for mouse survival.
- Multiple interesting missions with Ultimate city mouse survival simulation.
- Wild mouse simulator with 3D gameplay & HD graphics.
- Jump quickly like a squirrel & beware from crazy cat’s attack.

Avoid predatory animals, fight and defeat cat! Kill chicks and survive in the forest. Steal food item to keep up your hydration level up. Survive as long as possible and live life of a little animal of a jungle or become a city mouse. Download now Ultimate Mouse Simulator and become a real fighter rat.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Furious Kangaroo Simulator

Become a wild Australian beast Kangaroo in this wild life survival game with Kangaroo Simulator. Start your kangaroo family! Fight and hunt for survival. Find your mate and fight like a clan of kangaroos. Fight with multiple jungle predators and wild beasts with this wildlife simulator game. Beware from the sudden attack of hyena, gorilla, elephant and lion. Control your wild kangaroo, jump through different fantastic views and enjoy your wild life in fantasy jungle! Be careful with the predators some of them will attack you, attack and kill them in kangaroo games. Fight for your life against cruel predators, find mate and raise your kangaroo family in FURIOUS KANGAROO SIMULATOR! Best in the category of animal simulator games.

You need to be a wild Australian kangaroo and maintain your hunger and health bar. In Kangaroo survival game you need to beat every monster enemy for kangaroo family survival with this furious animal simulator. Use your ultimate hunting skills and kill or hunt down enemies and fight dangerous rainforest and ultimate savanna jungle animals in wild animal family simulator.

Experience the thrill of defeating and demolishing enemies and critics. Start epic battle and Attack on wild jungle animals hyena lion, gazelle, elephant with kangaroo simulator. This Kangroo game is made for those who want to play wild animal fighting games. So play this wild animal family simulator and fight with realistic predators and jungle beasts as a wild kangaroo or angry kangaroo.

Features of Kangaroo Jungle Survival Simulator:

- Multiple kangaroo quest with hunting & survival missions.
- Start & protect your kangaroo family! Fight like a clan of kangaroos.
- Several jungle beasts to fight like lioness, angry gorilla, hippo, buffalo & many more.
- Realistic kangaroo & mate behavior in this furious animal fighting game.
- 3D natural gameplay with HD graphics of huge Savanna forest.

It’s time to play wild animals games animal simulator with mating free! and become the kangaroo of the forests. Download now FURIOUS KANGAROO SIMULATOR! start your family and deadly fights against the wild jungle animals.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Furious Hydra Snake Simulator

From the dark oceans comes one of the most feared reptile with multiple face, the Hydra snake. Waging a revenge on humans, deadly fights with pirates who are with swords and weapons in this Hydra snake simulator. Creeping hideously looking for his next prey! Attack furiously, hunting humans and animals ruthlessly as a hydra snake. Here you will control or play as a deadly hydra snake 3d and will slay your victims in the most merciless way in this 3d snake simulator. Use your blazing fire attack and hunt viciously and powerfully like anaconda snake. Create a massive snake rampage and beware because hunters looking to kill the snake. So it’s time to forget anaconda attack games in which you are playing as an angry anaconda try the brand new monster of the sea the Furious Hydra Snake Simulator and create chaos & stalk out your prey like a real wild forest snake.

Fight with sea & forest animals like cheetah, rhino, crocodile, hippo or elephant etc.  Attack with ferocious fire, bite humans and animals in the ultimate reptile survival simulation game. A wild hydra snake is slithering through lush green jungle to attack people and fierce predators with poisonous venom in snake attack game. Use your power of stealth carefully calculate the right time to strike. Attack from behind and crush your foes with force in angry hydra snake simulator. Take the snake revenge in this action filled new snake game 2017. Target anyone comes in your way enjoy life like high definition 3D graphics with superb attacking and fighting animations. You are not an ordinary cobra or python who use venom and poisonous fang to kill animals. You have supernatural powers with multiple heads to kill vigorously.

Features of Reptile Simulator Games:

- 20 ultimate survival missions with fire attack features.
- Top-notch sea serpent monster snake attack simulator.
- Wide range of different predators & humans to fight with.
- Amusing gameplay with realistic wild snake animations.
- Simple and smooth controls to help chase your prey as vicious hydra snake.

So its time to become a horrific legendary reptile creature fighting against jungle animals like deer, lion, buffalo  and the mankind for hunger and survival. Download and play now Furious Hydra Snake Simulator and become a sea ocean monster creature.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Asian Tiger Simulator

Get ready for the new era of wild Asian tiger simulator with jungle survival adventure game. Explore wide and hot Asian jungle as a wild tiger or cheetah in this wild tiger simulator. Build your clan and find mate and breed tiger cubs in this tiger simulator game. In online tiger games perform as a real wild tiger and survive in the wildness as long as you can with tiger survival simulator game. Take control of this Asian tiger and hunt down animals like rabbit, rhino, hens and escape from other jungle wild beast like rhino, lioness, lion, cheetah and other wild tiger. Show your fire magic attack of lightning bolt skills during fight with dragon in this Asian Tiger Simulator.  

<b>Find mate & Breed Cubs:</b>
Find a mate and raise your own tiger family in your hidden jungle hideout. Hunt and fight against fierce animals in this wild tiger sim 3d.

<b>Build clan of Wild Tigers:</b>
Build your great warrior clan of wild tigers! Hunt and attack together for survival in huge dark forest. Survive against enemies and their attack, ultimately defeat all wilder animals.

<b>Use your Magic Skills:</b>
Stop the fire attack of dragon or use your fire magic skills. Defeat dragon and other bosses to protect yourself and your mate and tiger cubs in this tiger games 3d new free top fighting animal.

<b>Realistic Tiger Simulator with RPG Gameplay:</b>
In tiger survival simulator game your ultimate wild tiger will fight for your life against fierce animals. Hunt, eat and drink to keep your hydration level up with super tiger simulation game.

<b>Multiple Attack powers:</b>
Power attacks including bite, claw and jump attack for instant kills with tiger games 3d and tiger fighting games.

<b>Multiple Weather Cycles:</b>
You multiple weather conditions like sunny, thunder storm and heavy rain. Hunt in different conditions in tiger family sim.

<b>Realistic Tiger Fighting & Battles:</b>
Start the battle of hunger and survival in the jungle with realistic tiger fighting skills. Fight with dangerous jungle predators and wild beasts in epic battle.

Control your ultimate wilder beast in latest tiger simulator and attack your prey to survive in jungle with this action packed tiger fighting games. Evolve your tiger to dominate the wild Asian jungle world for wild tiger survival and protection of tiger cubs in this tiger family simulator. Download now and explore huge jungle with Asian Tiger Simulator.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Dinosaur Safari Hunting 3D

Face the safari dino as a hunter of the big jungle. Dinosaur Safari Hunting has different jungle dinosaurs for hunting as dinosaur shooter. Extreme sniping guns for 3D FPS shooting of T-Rex. This dinosaur safari hunting game provides a huge jungle environment to find and hunt different dinosaurs with ultimate sniper guns. This survival game as a dinosaurs hunter has hunt challenge with enhanced density of shooting. Pick your gun or sniper rifle and start shooting in this Jurassic hunting game with multiple types of prehistoric dinosaurs. These deadly predators are hungry for the prey and ready to attack you. Start hunting of jungle dinosaurs and become a safari dinosaur’s hunter.

Hunt for the survival! Aim and Shoot for hunt or be hunted! Join the Dinosaur chase deadly hunting adventure. Enjoy the deadly attack on tyrannosaurs T-Rex, Ceratopsians, raptors & velociraptors in this safari dino game. Assassin of dinosaur is vital for your survival. Become a Dino hunter in safari land. Enjoy the shooting and dino safari adventure in dinosaur hunting games safari. Deadly wild dinosaurs are chasing and ready for counter attack in survival game. Complete your multiple survival quests and escape from the safari jungle. As a lone survivor you have to fight for your life and overcome endless waves of deadly dinos.

You are an angry and looking to slaughter jungle dinosaurs and T-rex who comes within your sight. Get the ultimate hunting experience and hunt down dino running about the African safari jungle. Hunting of jungle dinosaurs has thrill idea and demands safari hunting skills. Best dino hunting games of 2017 edition is here for the lovers of Jurassic hunting in huge safari jungle. Use the different weapons and kill the all prehistoric deadly dinosaurs.

Features in Dinosaur Safari Hunting and Survival game:

• Dangerous safari jungle Environment with ultimate shooting action.
• Various kinds of wild dinosaur to hunt and attack.
• Realistic FPS (First Person Shooting) Game.
• Challenge of dinosaur hunt with vibrant gameplay.
• Multiple sniper guns and unlimited ammunition.

Jungle dinosaurs with real hunting experience. Take a zoom shoot of your sniper gun for perfect aim and quick killing. Download Dinosaur Safari Hunting 3D and become the hunter of the safari dino.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Miliband's joke steals Osborne's limelight and Iranians denounce a crackdown on Telegram

Miliband's joke steals Osborne's limelight and Iranians denounce a crackdown on Telegram

Courtsy By BBC News

Will the Milifans be happy?


Politicians and journalists ponder alternative jobs after news that MP George Osborne will edit a London newspaper, Iranians criticise a crackdown on Telegram users in the run-up to the presidential election, some supporters of the US president cancel their trips to Hawaii, and a German railway company wants to help people overcome not only distance but prejudice.

Ed Miliband will be editor of Heat

What would celebrity mags look like if Ed Miliband ran them?
After the former Labour leader joked that he will edit Heat magazine, his Twitter followers have been wondering just that.
He was tweeting after the real announcement that Conservative MP and former Chancellor George Osborne is to become editor of the London Evening Standard newspaper.
"Can't wait for take on ex on the beach," said one user.
Mr Miliband's journalistic abilities are being questioned though - 'Do you know enough about the Kardashians?' one follower mused.
There were other job announcements too as social media users reacted with surprise to the news that Mr Osborne will edit the newspaper while continuing his work as MP and as advisor to city firm Black Rock.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Coach Bus SIM: Zoo Driver

This bus driver simulator zoo tour game offers you realistic coach bus driving simulation for kids.  In this animal zoo park game drive your bus and start tour of zoo to see vicious animals. Drive towards angry animal park in coach bus simulator 2017 new 3d real games.  Bus driving zoo park games were never been so amazing! pick up the school kids of this majestic animal zoo park and become a real coach bus driver in this coach driving game! Tired from driving of school bus or other tour coach buses? Try real city tourist transport coach bus driver simulator 3d game with the twist of school kids bus zoo driving and enjoy the real paramount of coach bus driving with pick up tourists to the zoo. Enjoy COACH BUS SIM: ZOO DIRVER! Realistic animal zoo park game.

Your basic duty in this coach bus sim is drive tourist bus to pick up kids and take them to the zoo park for zoo tour.  All the angry beasts in this huge open world are real and you have to beware from these wild animals of zoo park with coach bus simulator 3d 2017. Your task is to pickup school kids and take all for a great zoo trip visiting all animals. Free couch bus driver game is specially designed for school kids who want a tour of 3D zoo park to see wild and angry animals. This bus simulator with big passenger coach is all about driving. Real coach driving on city roads and tour to the amusement area bus driving zoo park games.

Enter the simulation world of bus driving with coach bus game 2017. Delight with coach bus driving experience and take a tour of nearest zoo park to see angry wild beasts as real city tourist transport coach bus driver with latest bus driving games 2017.

Features of Coach Bus Sim: Zoo Park Driving Tour:

- School kids coach bus simulation missions.
- Realistic huge zoo park with loads of wild animals & beasts in couch driving game.
- Drive through the fantastic 3D city and develop bus driver skills!
- Discover and drive multiple tourist coaches and enjoy 3D coach driving game.
- Angry animals may go wild so you have to be-aware in latest bus driving games 2017.

Ready for this fun drive and become a skilled couch bus driver with new bus driving game take tour towards the angry animals. Download now COACH BUS SIM: ZOO DIRVER and enjoy real couch bus driver simulation in zoo park.
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