Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Furious Cougar Simulator

A wild cougar always rule the animal kingdom in jungle. Play most realistic cougar simulator with wild cougar games and experience the thrill of animal fighting games in forest. In this wild cougar simulator or puma simulator you have a chance to be an angry cougar that has to protect his family. This furious cougar sim thirsts to dominate the whole jungle and hunt other animals ruthlessly for survival. In this ultimate wild cougar games the cougar cubs are growing and you have to protect them from other wild animals. This animal hunting games 3d indicates that you have to fight against the other jungle animals and start your own family of cougar and become the angriest wild cougar in this wild cougar simulator 3d or wild puma simulator. With ultimate cougar games your battle for survival is against most wild creatures of the jungle games like Bison, Crocodile, Elephant, Tiger, Lion, Fox Jaguar, horse, Pig, Cheetah, gorilla, boar and for your mate and kids hunger Zebra, Hare, Sheep Gazelle etc.   Play for survival and hunger in FURIOUS COUGAR SIMULATOR games 2016.
In furious cougar sim gameplay you have to hide yourself in unseen places for hunting and survival and attack brutally in 15 animal hunting games levels. You have to maintain health and energy by eating meat of other animals just like a real cougar. The twist of wild cougar simulator is that you also have to hunt for your mate for her survival. In this animal fighting games with puma simulator games your family members are trained to fight along with you in this survival battle. You can attack on prey along with your family as well by customizing button and experience RPG gaming. This ultimate animal fighting game will allow you the experience to level-up your furious and wild cougar simulator. So wilderness survival battle has just begun in this newest wild cougar games with best cougar games 2016.

<b> Features of Furious Cougar Simulator:</b>
- Complete quest in RPG style gameplay in Cougar games.
- Realistic Jungle environment in 15 cougar simulator missions
- Wide range of animals to fight like Bison, Crocodile, Elephant, Tiger, Lion, Fox Jaguar, horse, Pig, Cheetah, gorilla, boar,  Zebra, Hare, Sheep Gazelle and many more.
-Every member of cougar family is customizable with playing option
- Awesome cougar games with wild cougar simulator animations.
- Realistic cougar wildness with superb 3D graphics in latest wild cougar games.

Your hunting and survival mission has just begun! Protect your family from wild animals in animal fighting games. Download FURIOUS COUGAR SIMULATOR 3D and forget other wild cougar simulator games or puma games.

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