Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Furious Dragon Simulator

Welcome to the best Hidden dragon simulator of 2016.Ready to Rain down fire from above as an mighty dragons. Join an age old battle against wild or farm animals like goat, wolf, rhino, cow etc. Fly over castles and villages and fight for your life against fierce bosses like the un-dead Bone Dragon! Fly your dream fire age cartoonist red furious dragon, master your dragon riding skills. Start the game from dragon nest and flap your dragon wings through the sky to fly.Burn down fully destructible villages, outposts, and even entire toon city kingdoms!
you must download this cartoon dragon simulator 3d game for your kids, certainly they will enjoy flying their little monster over the city zoo, village farm and desert to prey other cartoon animals. this game is restricted for 13+ ads. so do not worry for any parental control.
Game Features
✔ Unrealistic Mountains & Islands
✔ Incredible flying cartoonist dragon model
✔ Stunning HD Graphics
✔ Real Fire Breathing Action
✔ Realistic furious dragon animations
✔ Beautiful Landscapes
✔ Easy and Free to use
✔ 10 Challenging levels
You can do whatever you want in magical world of dragons!Control this 3D Dragon as he terrorizes castles and smashes his way all over the show. If you always wanted to run and see what it might feel like to be a furious dragon city games, this dragon game is for you.Loaded with fun 3D effects. Race around and catch the horses, cows, goats, and people. Download and play for free! Enjoy having fun smashing around. you will definitely enjoy this Dragon game. We did our best to simulate a fun dragon experience for your little. Breathe fire!
Enjoy playing Furious Dragon Simulator.

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